A fictitious RV website with a Baldwin County address has caught the attention of  local law enforcement officials.

A call came into the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Monday regarding a luxury RV business that didn't exist.

"A gentleman called and said a man from Canada showed up at his address with $35,000 in cash to purchase an RV he saw on the website," said Capt. Brad King. 

The website is It contains a vast inventory of luxury RV vehicles at ridiculously low prices. 

King said the caller was confused as to why the man thought his address was where the business was located.

Listed on the site is the address 3024 North Columbia St. 

The report raised red flags, and King decided to check the web site out. 

"Shortly after starting my investigation into the business, I was contacted by the Chamber of Commerce, questioning me on the legitimacy of the company."

Staff from the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce reported to King that they had received several calls from people in the area, asking if the business was real. 

 The website has a professional look to it, but King says there are signs that the business is fraudulent.

"The pictures of the RVs all have different backgrounds as if they have been copied and pasted from other locations online and the only way to get in contact with the business is through email. A legitimate company has different forms of communication available for its customers." 

During King's investigation, the location of the website has moved twice in an attempt to make it hard for law enforcement to track. 

"As of now we have found the domain provider that is currently hosting the site and are in the process of securing documents to help us determine who the subscriber is and where they are located," he said. 

King said the main focus is to gather as much information as possible to shut the site down in order to stop individuals from falling prey to the scam.

The low prices for the RVs it what lures people to the site, says King. 

"They have vehicles that typically run from $200,000 to $500,000 listed at prices like $39,000."

Since the business does not have a legitimate location, it offers to ship vehicles to customers for a nominal fee. 

"They say they will deliver the RVs to your home, but you have to pay a deposit for the service.  Chances are this is where they are making their money. The Baldwin County address was put on the site probably to make it sound more legitimate." 

The sheriff's office also received a call from a local resident who alleged that she saw a print publication for the business as well. 

 The investigation is ongoing as officials attempt to locate the creator of the fraudulent business and put an end to the website and advertised print publications. 

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