Our Community Guidelines

Welcome to motorhomeschat - a community of Rvyers  sharing and discussing the latest, more interesting news and ideas in our industry

We like to keep things simple, but even simple things need rules. Please keep the following in mind when interacting on or we may have to ban you from participating. Whatever the situation, it boils down to this:

"Does it make the community better?"

Five Simple Rules.

  1. Be Cool.

  2. Submit Only The Best Stuff

  3. Don't (Just) Submit Your Own Stuff

  4. Don't Submit Self-Promotional Content

  5. Two Strikes, You're Out

Rule #1 - Be Cool

Observe coolness when writing a comment, giving a response or interacting with your fellow community members. Anger, insults, derogatory language and all other forms of non-coolness are unwelcome. Behave on Inbound like you would face-to-face.

...but does it make the community better?

We want to share cool stuff and talk about it. That's why people come back. We'll remove malicious messages and the people behind them.

Rule #2: Submit Only The Best Stuff

Only submit the very best news, discussions and ideas for inbound marketers that we might not have seen before. This isn't the place to host everything, but rather the few excellent pieces that stand out.

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of submission:

  1. "Spam" content - irrelevant, spam or just really poor quality

  2. AWESOME content - so good everyone should see it

  3. meh' content - everything else

Our role as a community is to push as much AWESOME content onto the homepage as we can. If "spam" content does find it's way onto the site, flag it and we'll take care of it.

...but does it make the community better?

Yes. The homepage should always be worth visiting. We trust each other to find and submit the "diamonds in the rough" that are worth reading and talking about. Together we can create a homepage that's always worth reading.

Rule #3: Don't (Just) Submit Your Own Stuff

We know you're proud of your work, but please don't just submit your own stuff. If it's good, then other people will find and submit it. Besides, we'd love to see and share what you're finding interesting -- most of the time it's not your own stuff.

Sometimes, you create a jaw-droppingly awesome piece and just have to submit it. That's cool, if it's the exception and it really adds to the community. But if everyone just dropped their own links without

If everyone did that, the community wouldn't be what it is. You're smart. What else are you reading? What else could you share with me and the rest of the community? I bet you come across new, interesting things every week we haven't seen?

If you are going to self-submit please abide by these two simple rules:

  1. Only do it some of the time. 1 in 10 submissions is fair ratio. Please don't go much more than that, or we'll have to remove your submissions.

  2. Leave a comment inviting people to discuss it and debate, explaining it's a self-submission. That's where motorhomechat could be really great - get a discussion going (you might even stay on the homepage longer!)

...but does it make the community better?

Yes. What becomes a problem is if people view this as a place to drop links and drive traffic -- "what can I get out of this community?" -- instead of contributing to create discussion amongst the community -- "what can I give to this community?".

Rule #4: Don't Submit Self-Promotional Content

Please don't spam us with your latest offers. Besides it being tiring to look at on the homepage, it's not inbound marketing. Earn permission and empathy with your prospective customers, rather than aimlessly spamming a large and diverse group of marketers.

...but does it make the community better?

Self-promotional content falls strictly in the category of "spam". The communities here for the latest and great inbound marketing news and discussions, not your offers.

Rule #5 - Two Strikes, You're Out

Not being cool? Submitting crap? Manipulating the voting? The first flag's free (though not particularly appreciated) followed by your account being banned on a second offense. Unfortunately, because this project is a labor of love and we've all got day jobs, we're not always able to provide a warning on the first offense, so please be mindful.

One Exception: If your first action is a first offence, we'll ban you straight away.

Our single biggest type of spammer is the "hit and run" spammer. The type that signs up and drops loads of poor quality irrelevant links from their own sites, then never turns up again. Clearing out these spammers takes care of 95% of the breaches of community guidelines. If you're breaking any one of these community guidelines when you first sign up to, we won't give you a second chance.

...but does it make the community better?

Yes. People usually respond well to flags, and contribute a lot more positively thereafter. But those who continue to abuse the community aren't worth keeping. We want to build the best community for the best marketers, and that means keeping repeat offenders out.


Ways to Get More Involved With the Motorhomechat Community

If you're enjoying and want to get more involved, take a look at some of the ideas below, and get in touch with our Comunity  Manager, Cortney [at]

Nominate yourself as a moderator

We're always on the look out for active members of the community to help promote AWESOME submissions, and remove any spam. We have ?Day Teams' you can join in an active, supporting and standby roles, so there's always some level of commitment that can suit you.

Nominate a Guest for on an Ask Me Anything thread

Perhaps you know an influential, interesting, expert rvier who could be a guest on an Ask Me Anything thread? Take a look at our previous #, and if you reckon you've got a match, get in touch!

Become a Category Editor [Coming Soon]

Want to take ownership of the community, and everything that gets submitted under # products? Or #techsupport? Or any other tag? Coming soon, we'll be creating dedicated pages for specific subsets of rving where you and your peers can gather to discuss the latest and great news.

Refer your colleagues

If you're getting a lot out of motorhomechat, perhaps you know someone else who might enjoy the community too? Share a link to with your colleagues, your team and your followers inviting them to join the conversation.

Critique our Product Roadmap

One of the big reasons we made our Product Roadmap public was to get feedback from people like you.

Follow Us on Twitter

We share the latest threads and Ask Me Anything discussions on Twitter. You can follow us @motorhomechat.

Thanks for helping make the community great!

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