The Dent Vent is a new product designed to hide body damage on RVs. According to a press release, even the smallest scratch or dent can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair, not to mention time without the coach, the release stated.

Dent Vent has come up with a solution that will save time and money while keeping an original look to the RV. The Dent Vent comes in either black or white to match the exterior of any RV and is available in three sizes so the smallest chip or scratch can be concealed. For larger damage areas, mix and match different size Dent Vents to cover the blemish.

The Dent Vent is a complete kit that includes a PVC vent, color matched screws and butyl tape for a waterproof seal. The Dent Vent works on any motorhome, fifth-wheel, toy hauler, travel trailer or popup, no matter what type of siding material it is built out of, the press release stated.

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