Whether you've just started researching class A motorhomes, you're driving in your fifth motorhome you've owned, or you're just about to drive off the lot with your first motorhome ever, you might not have spared a thought to this one important detail:

Your tow car.

From Jeeps to SUVS and trucks, how do you pick the vehicle that best fits your needs once you've parked your motorhome at the RV park? How do you prefer to tow your vehicle - flat towing, with a two-tire dolly, or on a towing trailer? How does the tow bar attach to the back of the coach and the front of the tow car?

If you're unfamiliar with the science behind the different options for towing, it can easily sound overwhelming. And that's before you need to consider safety and braking... But here's a handy guide to help you start in the right direction including a listing of all available 2014 tow cars.

2014 Tow Car Guide

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