June 10, 2014

Winegard Co. has introduced the all-new Rayzar Air HD antenna. According to a press release, the  sleek and powerful multidirectional antenna provides front and back reception for maximum channel coverage in situations where the broadcast towers are geographically spread apart, thus requiring minimal aiming to tune in channels.

Optimized for North American digital TV frequencies (high-band VHF and UHF), the Rayzar Air is designed to eliminate interference from other non-TV frequencies to maximize signal reception. With near Blu-Ray quality HD and no monthly programming fees, users can enjoy live regional programming anywhere in the U.S. from major broadcast networks.

“We are excited about this next generation of antenna,” said National Sales Manager Aaron Engberg. “With Winegard’s Sensar being on the majority of RVs, it was important for us to design an antenna that could be easily retrofitted to the Sensar or other antennas that attach to the Sensar boom. The Rayzar Air retrofit antenna allows RVers to easily update their antenna and double their coverage in just minutes for around fifty dollars.”

The Rayzar Air’s features a 4.4-inch stow height, eliminating the worry of driving under low clearances, yet extends to 16 inches when deployed. The boom and lift assembly raise the antenna above most surrounding obstacles for superior look angle and signal capture. Its durable housing materials protect against UV rays and inclement weather and it has been rigorously tested for use in typical RV conditions with wind tunnel and shock/vibration testing.

A retrofit antenna with boom upgrade option is available in white or black and retails for $49.99. A complete antenna with lift and mount has an MSRP of $129.

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