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    Fleetwood RV and American Coach are showing new models and features to consumers at this week’s 2014 America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa.

    “New for all Fleetwood models is our newest wood stain color, Butternut,” said John Draheim, president and CEO of Fleetwood RV and American Coach, in a press release. “We are fortunate for loyal customers that continue to provide us such positive feedback on our products. It is important to us that we continue to bring them more options and include their feedback in our newest designs. The Butternut wood color is just that.”

    Among those new models is the recently debuted Fleetwood Discovery 37R, which received a positive review in MotorHome Magazine. The Discovery 37R is now available to consumers at Fleetwood dealerships.

    “We received a very positive review in Motorhome Magazine on our 37R Discovery, and dealer response has also been very positive,” said Draheim. “This will be the first major show where consumers get a chance to see the 37R, and additionally where they get to see our new light Butternut wood option.”

    Also on display is a special issue Fleetwood Storm, the 28MS Game-Day Edition. The Storm is optioned with special tailgate lifestyle features like a Weber grill, outdoor refrigerator, slideout bar, extra-length awning, exterior 50-inch LED HDTV and HD satellite system. “The Game-Day special edition takes all your dream tailgate features and puts them in a compact and affordable Class A, just in time for football season,” said Director of Marketing Steven Hileman.

    Expanding the selection of Fleetwood Discovery Class A diesel options for customers, an all-new 37R is a quad-slide, single bath floor plan with a free-standing recliner/footrest, freestanding dinette, fireplace, and opposing sofa with air mattress. The coach also includes a stackable washer/dryer unit in the master bedroom. The 37R is the only Discovery floorplan to include an L-shaped pull-out counter extension which expands to increase linear counter footage in the kitchen area. The coach includes an 8.0kW Onan Quiet Diesel generator with slide.

    American Coach will also reveal a new wood color at the show, Toffee. The new lighter wood option offers an additional premium hand-rubbed hardwood cabinetry option to consumers.  

    “Our customers and dealers have been asking for another wood color option and we’re very pleased with the result. The new Toffee wood color turned out fantastic and we think consumers will agree,” states Lenny Razo, Director of Sales for the Eastern Region. “We are also showing our first single-bath, single rear-axle American Coach in many years.”

    Referring to the new quad-slide American Revolution 39A shown for the very first time this week at the Hershey event, Razo added, “This new floorplan gives consumers a wider variety of floorplan configurations within the American Coach family without giving up the amenities they are so accustomed to.”

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    The American Revolution is the only coach in the lineup with a shorter, more space-conscious design, offering a single-bath that allows owners access from the living quarters and master bedroom and includes a double glass-bowl vanity with overhead cabinetry. With a quad-slide layout, the 39A provides a comfortable living area with L-shaped sofa transformer, which converts to a 95-inch-by-70-inch bed, and an Ekornes consul-plus chair. The all-new Revolution 39A is a perfect option for owners who want to experience the same quality luxury of an American Coach without the extra length.

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    Spartan Chassis Inc. announced today (June 18) that it has entered a chassis supply agreement with Foretravel Motorcoach, Nacogdoches, Texas. The company reported in a news release that the agreement calls for Spartan to serve as the sole chassis supplier for Foretravel’s new Realm FS6 motorhome, available exclusively at Motor Home Specialist in Alvarado, Texas.

    Spartan, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors Inc., will design, engineer and assemble chassis for integration into Foretravel’s Realm FS6 motorhome. Delivery of the custom chassis to Foretravel is underway.

    “Spartan continues to be focused on leveraging its operational and strategic agility, as well as customization in order to meet customer requirements in the RV market,” said Art Ickes, president of the specialty vehicles business unit, Spartan Chassis. “Our proactive business initiatives and strong brand have resulted in an opportunity to continue and expand our valuable business in a core market into a valuable partnership with Foretravel. This agreement is a very positive development for Spartan, Foretravel Motorcoach and the market as a whole.”

    Spartan’s K3GT chassis will serve as the foundation for the 2015 Realm FS6. The chassis is equipped with a Cummins ISX 600-hp engine and Allison 4000MH transmission and is paired with Spartan’s new passive steer tag axle, which produces a 7% reduction in curb-to-curb turning radius. Additionally, the K3GT chassis delivers a robust 20,000-pound independent front suspension capacity.

    “The Foretravel Realm FS6 combines power, prestige and performance,” added Greg Amys, president of Foretravel. “Beyond beauty and performance, the Foretravel Realm FS6 is built to possess undeniable craftsmanship and superior quality in fit, finish and detail you’ll find throughout the motor coach.”

    “The Realm’s cutting edge design sets it apart from every other luxury motor coaches on the market today,” said Donny O’Banion, Motor Home Specialist CEO. “Rivaled only by the premium entries found in the high-end automotive market, the Realm FS6 exudes luxury and refinement.”

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    If indeed there were more prospective high-end buyers as well as upscale tire kickers in evidence at this past winter’s retail shows – perhaps more so than some manufacturers had seen in a while – then one of the busiest booths at Tampa’s RV SuperShow in January was operated by Foretravel Motorcoach of Texas, a factory-direct builder of luxury motorhomes still based in its traditional home turf of Nacogdoches, Texas. How busy was it? Foretravel Sales Manager Curtis Fancher said the lines were so constant at times that the only real break for Foretravel’s sales staff came at lunch and dinner time. Of particular interest to consumers was the company’s ih-45, a coach that Foretravel started building on its own chassis in 2012 in addition to its Nimbus and Phoenix lines. That’s a real switch for a high-end company that, along with the rest of the industry, is still technically emerging from a global downturn. “We custom build just about everything we make,” says Fancher, adding that the ih-45, a 54,000-pound GVWR coach equipped with a 600-hp Cummins engine, an Allison 4000 transmission and a 3,500- to 4,000-pound payload, is the company’s biggest seller. “Last year was a good year,” said Fancher, standing in front of a black-tan-champagne and red-exterior ih-45 listing for $1.3 million. “The typical year since ’08 has been very up and down. Last year was a steady year, and the beginning of this year has been very steady. That’s all a telltale sign of the stock market and economy starting to come back. It’s turned about nicely.”

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    Gulf Stream Coach introduces gourmet rear kitchen

    NAPANNEE, Ind. — Borrowing key design features of the best-selling Conquest/Innsbruck 295SBW, Gulf Stream’s new 25SBW features a gourmet-friendly full-width rear kitchen with extensive cabinetry, storage drawers, an L-shaped counter and double-door refrigerator.

    The main living space uses a deep slide-out to provide room for a comfy sofa, dinette with under-seat storage, and a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center with a multi-function home theater sound system and connections for an optional LED HD TV.

    “The rear kitchen design of the 25SBW is a retail champion in two ways,” said National Sales Manager Randy Baskerville.  “It has immediate appeal when RV shoppers find it on dealers’ lots, with its high-quality cabinetry and spacious sunlit workspace.  But more than that, RVers soon realize how practical and convenient it is on the campsite, enabling everyone to share the casual camping lifestyle without making the cook stand in the middle of the main living area.”

    In spite of its compact size, the 25SBW gives owners a true master bedroom with a solid panel privacy door, a walk-around queen bed with under-bed storage, a mirrored shirt closet, wardrobe, and overhead cabinets.  A mounting point and wiring for a wall-mount flat screen TV is also included.

    The ingenious en suite bath has two entry doors – one from the main living area hall, the other from a private door in the master bedroom.   A large corner shower with a solid-panel enclosure and shower door is featured in the bath.

    With a dry weight under 5,900 pounds and durable top-quality construction by the craftspeople at Gulf Stream Coach, the 25SBW is a high-reward, high-value alternative for campers who like to travel light and easy – and insist on getting the most for their money, said Baskerville.

    To see a front to back image of the unit, click here.

    For more inforamtion, call Randy Baskerville at 574.320.2630 or e-mail [email protected].

    SOURCE: Gulf Stream Coach press release


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    Jayco Acquiring Open Range RV

    </div> <div id="content-area"> <div id="node-85060" class="node node clearfix node-type-news"> <div class="node-inner"> <div class="field-field-feature-image"> </div> <div class="feature_info"> <div class="node_submitted"> <div class="picture"><img class="imagecache imagecache-avatar" title="RV PRO Staff's picture" src="" alt="RV PRO Staff's picture" width="64" height="64"/></div> <div class="author">By: RV PRO Staff</div> <div class="post_date">Monday, February 24, 2014</div> </div> <div class="field-field-feature-description">Jayco Corp. of Middlebury, Ind., has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire Open Range RV based in Shipshewana, Ind.</div> </div> <div class="content">

    Financial terms of the deal were not revealed.

    Open Range RV will operate as a wholly owned and separate subsidiary with Randy Graber as president. 

    “The two companies are a natural match,” Graber said.  “Culturally speaking, both Jayco and Open Range enjoy strong relationships with their dealer body recognizing the importance of maintaining a partnership style association.”

    With growth in excess of 20 percent annually, the management of Open Range recognized in order to maintain and further increase that type of growth, it was necessary to partner with a larger organization. 

    “I am extremely excited to be able to take Open Range to the next level, it’s a dream come true.” Graber said.

    “Open Range will be a perfect addition to the Jayco family,” said Derald Bontrager, Jayco’s president and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with someone like Randy Graber who has such vast industry experience and innovative product knowledge.”

    Jayco, based in Middlebury, is the largest privately-held manufacturer of RVs.

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    Water leaks coming from RV windows should not be taken lightly. Doing a simple leak repair on your RV window by merely patching up the source of the water leak is not enough. The moisture that gets into the walls and the molding can cause the wood around the area to rot and become a breeding place for molds. Water leaks can also cause delamination of the walls in your RV, creating those nasty looking ripples and bubbles you see on the outside of your vehicle. The rust that forms around the different parts of your RV windows can also cause them to get stuck, making them even harder to open and close.

    Repairing a water leak in your RV window can be a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is finding the right window replacement parts to have on hand and a bit of guidance. Below is a comprehensive step to guide you through the entire Do-It-Yourself RV Window leak repair for the capable Do-It-Yourselfer. 

    Steps to Repair an RV Window Water Leak

    1. Clean the RV window area Before you go straight to doing leak repairs on your RV windows, make sure that the area is first cleaned thoroughly with the use of a household cleaner, water and sponge. Not only will this help get rid of dirt and other foreign objects around your RV windows. By cleaning the windows with water, you will be able to really find out if the water leak is coming from your RV windows or from another area of your RV like the roof.

    2. Scrape off the old caulk Caulk refers to the material used to make your RV windows watertight. Poor maintenance, weathering and time can cause this to lose the ability to prevent leaks and moisture to come into your RV. Scrape off the old caulk so that it would be a lot easier to replace the moldings of your RV windows.

    3. Remove the molding of your RV windows The next step is to remove the moldings of your RV windows. Unscrew the window brackets and carefully pry out the window molding, window, and window screen. Then with the use of a pry-bar, carefully pull the entire molding away from the window.

    4. Clean your RV windows With a rag or cleaning sponge and a window cleaner, thoroughly clean your RV windows to get rid of any remaining dirt and caulk on its surface. Rinse this with water and allow this to dry completely.

    5. Replace the RV window molding Get your new RV window molding and push this onto the window. Apply a single coat of waterproof caulking to seal the molding and keep it watertight. Give it time to dry completely before placing back the screen and screw the window back into the housing.

    6. Remove and Replace the window latch Unscrew the old window latch from the window and window house and inspect it to check for any rusting, breaks, or damage to see if it needs to be replaced. If it is still in good condition, screw it back onto the window. Otherwise, get the pieces of your new window latch and align them to the holes before screwing them and setting them in place. Carefully open and close the window latch to loosen it.

    Caring for Your RV Windows
    Poor maintenance is one of the main causes for RV windows to deteriorate more quickly and cause you to replace window parts more often. Taking proper care of your RV windows can help you prevent water leaks, requiring you to replace the different window parts less frequently. Here's some simple ways on how to properly care for your RV windows:

    1. Dust before washing Take a small paint brush and dust your RV windows before you wash them. This will remove a lot of the dirt which can scratch the caulk and molding while your scrubbing down your RV with soap.

    2. Choose the right RV cleaning products Another way to take proper care for your RV windows is to choose the right cleaner for it. Cleaning products with a high alkaline content can weaken the caulking on your RV windows, making them less watertight and more susceptible to water leaks.

    3. Use cotton cloths when cleaning your RV windows When cleaning your RV, never use polyester or microfiber cloths. While they may seem to feel softer than cotton cloths, these actually can rub off the caulking and sealants around your RV windows.

    Following these steps should get you through the worst of times of a leaking window if you don't want to disrupt your family trip. But if you still don't feel confident enough to tackle the task of repairing your leaking window, you can always swing by Motorhomes of Texas. Our service department will get you back into traveling shape!

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    Hilary Solan  Travelzoo  January 28, 2014

    We're here to take an unpopular stance: There's a lot of value in visiting places that have been dubbed "tourist traps." Granted, some spots have earned their bad reputation by charging high fees for underwhelming, overcrowded attractions. But others have cemented their status as beloved attractions, either by reinventing themselves or staying exactly the way you remember them from your childhood. Below you'll find the six spots that we think are worth joining the crowds to see:

    • The High Line in New York City: Although there's no shortage of compelling art in New York, green space comes at quite a premium. Joined together, they create a spot that means a lot of things to a lot of visitors. The repurposed railroad line is a popular spot for strolls and a quiet reprieve from the city not so far below. The new Whitney Museum of American Art is right off the High Line as are tons of popular restaurants to fuel up before or after a visit.

    • Boating in Biscayne Bay around Star Island in South Beach: Members of our Miami office voted this hybrid activity -- part star tour a la Los Angeles, part sightseeing cruise -- as their favorite "touristy" thing to do in the area, hands down. Depart from Bayside piers and watch the skyline fade away while making your way to the man-made island with homes of celebrities, including Gloria Estefan and Shaquille O'Neal.

    • Signature Lounge at the 96th in Chicago: For the price of one cocktail, get access to a picture-worthy view of the city from atop the John Hancock building. Consider going before sunset to get the best of both worlds: clear views of the city in the daylight then the twinkle of the skyscrapers at dusk. And apologies to the men: surprisingly, some of the best views of the city below are from the women's bathroom.

    • The Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas: One of Travelzoo's Deal Experts, who used to live in the city, said she could watch the choreographed water feature all day long -- and visitors tend to agree. Often times seeing the show all the way through once a day isn't enough. The complimentary show, which runs at least every half hour daily, is often saved for the end of a visit, but is also a festive way to start out a trip to The Strip.

    • Alcatraz Island ... at night in San Francisco: The unlikely pairing of spooky after-hours access at the infamous prison site, including looks at the hospital and dungeon, plus sunset, skyline and Golden Gate views make for a perfect way to spend an evening in the Bay Area. We tend to skip Alcatraz during the day, but a nighttime visit is worth planning a few months in advance. Sailings can sell out quickly.

    • Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica: Two recent additions -- the shops at Santa Monica Place and the oceanview Tongva Park -- just add to the reasons why this is a perennial picturesque favorite. Classic activities like taking a beach cruiser out to see the sites, noshing on snacks alongside the water and taking a spin on the iconic Ferris wheel or carousel bring visitors out in droves, and keeps them coming back season after season.
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    My wife and I made the decision to hit the road as full time RVers with little more preparation than a few years worth of subscriptions to Trailer Lifemagazine.

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    Tips For Finding Dog Friendly Accommodations When You’re RVing


    <div class="entry-content"> <div> </div>

    <img title="Finding dog friendly accommodations when RVing will make your trip more enjoyable. Photo by burningkarma on Flickr" src="" alt="dog-friendly-accommodations-while-rving-by-burningkarma.jpg" width="180" height="240" align="right"/>If you’re going to be RVing a lot and you have a dog, then you’ll probably want to take your dog with you on some RV trips (… if not all of them).

    That means, you’ll want to find dog friendly accommodations on occasion.

    I mean, you don’t want to keep your best friend locked up in the RV all day (with the generator running of course, if it’s hot outside).

    Plus, there are many places you’ll want to go for the afternoon or evening where pets just aren’t allowed.


    Not Everywhere Is Dog Friendly

    RVing with your dog (or whatever pets you might have) is so much better than RVing without them.

    <div> </div>

    Unfortunately, some RV campgrounds and resorts may just plain turn you away when they see your gentle-as-a lamb Great Dane standing with his paws on the dashboard looking out the windshield of your motorhome.

    Fortunately, there are lots of RV campgrounds, resorts, and state parks that are happy to provide dog friendly accommodations for pet owners.


    Finding Dog Friendly Accommodations

    It’s definitely worth the effort to find dog friendly accommodations whenever possible.

    One thing is for sure: by ensuring that your dog is going to be welcome wherever you travel, you will have a much less stressful and much more enjoyable trip.

    And let’s face it, every now and then, you may want to do something or go somewhere where dogs just aren’t allowed.

    The trick is finding RV campgrounds and resorts that provide a kennel area where you can keep your dog so he will be comfortable while you’re away.

    Find dog friendly RV parks and campgrounds. (More here.)


    RVing With My Dog

    I know whenever we had to leave our little Pomeranian alone in the RV, he would stress out big time.

    Just being left alone while I would go in to pay for gas was slightly traumatic for him.

    Having a secure and safe kennel available with food, water, and good ventilation made all the difference for him.  He was happier, and we would be free to go out to dinner — or the Casino — without him.

    Our pets are like our children. The small effort required to find dog friendly accommodations just makes sense. After all, they deserve to be happy too.


    Examples Of RV & Dog Friendly Accommodations

    This video of 2 dogs enjoying the KOA RV campground’s fenced in pet play area is a good example of pet friendly accommodations that many RV resorts provide.

    <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

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    The RV (recreational vehicle) industry had its beginnings in the 1920s, shortly after the advent of the automobile industry, when a number of companies began manufacturing house trailers or trailer coaches, as they were then called. An early attempt at a self-contained RV featuring all the amenities of home is pictured in Tampa in the 1923 “then” photo, apparently built on a Ford Model TT truck chassis.

     Today, more than 9 million Americans own a recreational vehicle, a 16 percent increase since 2001, and a 64 percent gain since 1980. The RV industry is projected to be a growth industry as the baby boomers prepare to retire.

     In the “now” photo, an RV is on display at the 2013 Florida RV SuperShow at the Florida State Fairgrounds. The 2014 show opens Wednesday and runs through Jan. 19. Adult admission is $10 for a two-day pass and parking is $6 for cars or $12 for RVs and oversized vehicles. (Kids under 16 are free.)