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    Newell Coach has hired former Mercedes-Benz dealership service director, Todd Dills, as its new V.P. of Customer Service. He is filling the position created by the retirement of John Clark, who led Newell’s Customer Service team for 11 years.


    Newell Coach Corporation is pleased to announce the hiring of Todd Dills as its new V.P. of Customer Service. Todd joins Newell after 22 years leading the high-volume service center at Mercedes-Benz of Plano, Texas, where he oversaw a service staff of 95 and managed a service center with 55 service bays.

    A native of Durant, Oklahoma, Todd started his career at Fred Jones Lincoln Mercury in Oklahoma City before moving to Plano to assume his role at Mercedes-Benz. Todd and his wife, Sundy, will be re-locating to the Miami, Oklahoma, area with their six children.

    “Todd brings to Newell a wealth of experience leading a luxury automotive service center,” said Newell Coach General Manager, Grant Kernan. “We’re excited to see how he will take our service center to new levels of success and customer satisfaction. We’re confident that customers will enjoy getting to know Todd when they visit our facility.”

    Todd is filling the position created by the retirement of John Clark, who led Newell’s customer service team for the last 11 years. “John was instrumental in developing the sterling reputation of our service and support over the last decade,” said Newell President and CEO, Karl Blade. “John and his wife, Vicky, have been and will continue to be an important part of the extended Newell family. We wish them all the best.”

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    In a motorhome, you can travel and enjoy the great outdoors with far more creature comforts than other forms of camping. Here are 11 reasons to go motorhoming ...

    11. To feel at-home … on the road

    Motorhomes are equipped with comfortable living, dining, sleeping and bathroom facilities. Propane tanks fire up the stove and refrigerator. Electrical systems run off the motorhome’s batteries or gas- or diesel-powered generator. A water tank holds fresh water, and holding tanks separate waste water into gray (from sinks and showers) and black (from the toilet.) In a motorhome, it’s all systems go.

    10. The great outdoors

    <div class="img_caption right">A motorhome at Byron Glacier, Alaska

    In a motorhome, spectacular scenery, such as Byron Glacier in Alaska, is never out of reach.


    Experts are always touting the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor recreation. Well, motorhoming is a springboard to all sorts of recreational activities. Visit state and national parks, tour famous landmarks. Go hiking or fishing. Try whitewater rafting or canoeing. Play golf or tennis. Or, simply enjoy fresh air and natural settings. With a motorhome, you can carry your recreation gear with you, and you don't have to worry about finding a place to stay.

    9. Freedom and convenience

    A motorhome's on-board closets and storage space eliminate the need to pack, unpack and carry bulky suitcases. You can keep the motorhome stocked with food, clothing and essentials so you can just hop in and go. Take off on last-minute mini vacations, tailgating events and weekend trips. Create your own adventures along the way. Stop and take a break when you choose. The destinations are endless, from famous attractions to hidden treasures along a rural byway. And just think … all the while, you’re avoiding tight schedules, long lines, luggage restrictions and the security gauntlet at the airport.

    In a motorhome, you can go almost anywhere, any time. When traveling in small towns, backcountry or metro areas, you might encounter narrow roads, clearance limits or other large-vehicle considerations. In these instances, towing a smaller vehicle behind your motorhome is a viable option and can extend your travel range. Auto manufacturers have approved certain cars, trucks and SUVS for towing behind a motorhome, provided the motorhome has adequate towing capacity. If you tow, FMCA recommends using a supplemental braking system. It's required by law in some jurisdictions, and is needed to safely slow down the extra weight of the towed vehicle, without overworking the brakes of the motorhome.

    8. Opportunities

    A motorhome is a recreation vehicle that can be used for much more than the occasional short trip or cross-country odyssey.

    Motorhome owners use their coaches for business endeavors or to pursue hobbies such as antiquing, sightseeing, geocaching and many others. They follow (and enter) pet shows, model train shows, favorite sports teams and other special events. They volunteer: A motorhome provides innumerable opportunities to help individuals, families, communities and charitable causes during your travels.

    Many motorhomes can be safely used in cold weather, if the motorhome is capable of being winterized for such circumstances. Snowbirds, meanwhile, opt to head to warmer climes for the winter months to enjoy white sand beaches (Gulf Coast), 80-degree temperatures (Yuma, Ariz.) and other activities in various locales.

    Motorhomes, equipped with a generator and propane, are also ideal in emergency situations when you have lost power in your house because of a storm.

    7. Selection

    Motorhomes come in assorted sizes and price ranges, from a 22-foot Type B unit to a bus-size luxury vehicle. Whether you’re entering the market, upgrading, or prefer a motor coach with all the bells and whistles, you’re in luck. Options and versatile floor plans make it easier to find a motorhome that matches your lifestyle and budget.

    Slideouts are a popular feature, a must-have for some motorhome enthusiasts. They dramatically expand the interior living space, at the touch of a button. It’s not uncommon to see a motorhome with two, three, even four slides. Forget about the narrow, cramped feeling of motorhomes of yesteryear.

    <div class="img_caption left">Toy hauler motorhome

    Toy haulers include not only living space but also built-in garages for hauling ATVs, motorcycles and other recreational gear.


    Manufacturers continue to develop other innovative products to meet consumers' needs. For instance, toy haulers feature a fold-up ramp on the back used for loading ATVs, Jet Skis, motorcycles and mountain bikes. Some models have built-in garages large enough to stow a small car to be used for local jaunts.

    One manufacturer offers a model with a patio deck that can be lowered to create an inviting outdoor living space. Another offers a model with a rooftop patio that includes cushioned seating, a barbecue console and built-in wet bar.

    If a production-line motorhome doesn't suit you, a custom coach conversion company can build a coach to your specifications.

    6. Bond with family

    Whether it’s a long excursion or a weekend getaway, motorhome trips can strengthen family bonds weakened by busy daily lives. Family members tend to connect with each other when they are away from their normal routines and enjoying a simpler lifestyle. Motorhome trips can foster communication and churn out good times to share and then treasure.

    In addition, a motorhome is a great, nonintrusive guesthouse while visiting friends and family.

    5. Broaden kids’ horizons

    Because sleeping quarters, kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms are readily accessible, motorhoming is a great way to travel with children. It’s much more relaxing when you don’t have to continually look for rest areas and restaurants. Plus, seeing the world through kids’ eyes opens up a new set of wonders for adults.

    Motorhome travel can help children learn to appreciate the outdoors and gain insights into different people and places. Traveling to battlefields, presidential libraries and historic villages makes history come alive. The opportunities to learn about geography and nature are endless. The kids may forget it’s a learning experience.

    4. Campgrounds

    Private campgrounds and government-owned campgrounds are often located near popular tourist attractions. Some RV parks are small and bucolic, while others are large, upscale resorts.

    Campgrounds may have swimming pools, playgrounds, recreation centers, entertainment, walking paths, camp stores, crafts and social events. Many now include cable modem and Wi-Fi Internet access. Commercial campgrounds usually have hookups for power, water supply and waste disposal. After a day of sightseeing, families can return to their motorhomes, cook their favorite meals at leisure and relax in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

    Camping fees vary depending on the location, season and amenities offered. Public campgrounds and some retail lots offer convenient and low-cost places to stay overnight.

    3. Your pet can travel with you

    See Spot run. See Rover ride in a motorhome and enjoy it with you. You don't have to board your pet in a kennel or leave it with a family member. Most pets adjust to motorhome travel just fine.

    2. Affordability

    Pre-owned motorhomes can cost substantially less than new models (check the classifieds and Internet postings for deals). Dealers have been known to offer low-rate loans. Many motorhome loans are treated as second mortgages, making the interest tax-deductible. And while fuel costs have been a concern ...

    Cost comparison studies by international accounting firm PKF Consulting have found that RV vacations still are more affordable than travel by personal car, commercial airline or cruise ship, even when factoring in RV ownership costs.

    A 2008 PKF study concluded that fuel prices would have to more than double for typical motorhome vacations to cost more than other forms of travel. The savings on air, hotel and restaurant costs offset the cost of fuel. And, motorhomers can adjust to higher fuel prices by staying longer in one place and/or closer to home.

    It's worth mentioning that fuel price hikes can increase the cost of other means of travel and transportation as well, including airfares and hotel rates.

    And the number-one reason to own a motorhome …

    <div class="img_caption right">FMCA members motorhomers arriving at FMCA convention.

    A motorhome plus an FMCA membership equates to a network of motorhoming friends on the road.

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    Written by: Anthony Bowe

    “We were getting pummeled with calls and e-mails from folks wanting to import a Country Coach motorhome into Canada, but they were met with restrictions from the Canadian government,” said David Diamond, COO of Country Coach Corp. “It wasn’t a big deal at first, but what has happened in recent years is the Canadian market has gotten hot.”

    Country Coach owners attempting to register their RVs in Canada were turned away by Canada’s Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV), which falls under the oversight of Transport Canada. Diamond likened the RIV’s role to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the U.S.

    “People would go to the RIV with a Country Coach to import it into Canada, and the RIV would say that they needed to show documents from the manufacturer indicating the coach didn’t have any recalls and was fully compliant,” he said.

    To assist those Country Coach owners, Country Coach Corp.,which owns all of the intellectual rights of Country Coach, contacted Transport Canada, which oversees the RIV. The company and Transport Canada together worked out a procedure that enures Canadian compliance of the Country Coach motorhomes and enables them to be imported by RIV.

    “Transport Canada said ‘you’re the factory, you’re the place where it was built, and you’ve got all the info on the coach. If a customer wants to import it and they bring the coach to your company for an inspection and correction of any recalls that are outstanding, and you document the service work, that’ll be fine,’” Diamond said.

    Country Coach Corp. performed compliance service work for a customer going to Canada last week, Diamond said. To register the unit in Canada, the customer had to give the Country Coach service invoice to the RIV, which verified that the unit was inspected by the factory, cleared of past safety recall issues, made Canadian compliant, and that the warranty bulletin work was also completed.

    “All these people that have been on the fence about whether to buy a Country Coach or not can now go ahead and buy one,” he said.

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    In response to a robust increase in sales since the start of 2014, Newell Coach is increasing production levels of new coaches for the first time since 2008.

    PR20140401-1Miami, OK (PRWEB) April 1, 2014

    Newell Coach Corporation, the market leader in ultra-luxury motorcoaches, announced that in response to an increase in customer demand, it is boosting production levels of new coaches for the first time since 2008.

    Newell has maintained a production of 24 coaches annually for the past five years. Over the past six months, however, sales have gradually increased, with sales in January and February nearly doubling the monthly average in recent years. The positive trend has continued into March. As a result, beginning April 1, 2014, Newell will increase production to 26 coaches per year. If this trend continues, production will increase incrementally to an annual rate of 30 new units in 2015—a 25 percent increase.

    “January, February, and March this year have been very exciting for Newell, both in terms of new coach orders and in the sales of new and pre-owned coaches,” said Newell Coach President and CEO, Karl Blade. “Our backlog has continued to strengthen. Expanding our production capacity on a carefully planned, incremental basis will support the strong trend in new coach sales and ensure that we can satisfy the increase in demand.”

    Although most of Newell’s production is dedicated to custom-ordered coaches, the company also produces a limited number of show coaches annually, both for display and to provide immediate delivery for customers not requiring a custom-built coach. “For the first time in many years, we’re selling many of our show coaches before they get through production,” said Blade.” That’s a great sign and indicates that we need to increase our production of these coaches.”

    “We’re finally seeing significant recovery from the Great Recession that has impacted our market since 2008,” Blade continued. “One of the positive outcomes of these otherwise disruptive events has been that Newell has more than tripled our market share among ultra-luxury motorhomes and is now the sales leader among this exclusive group. The current trends are positive, and we feel optimistic about the future. Our plans and actions reflect these improving economic conditions.”

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    Motorhomes of Texas is located in Nacogdoches, Texas and specializes in the parts, service, and sales of luxury pre-owned motorcoaches. Founded in 2003, Motorhomes of Texas was just starting to be built into a soon-to-be successful luxury motorhome dealership under the hands of owners, David and Emily Robertson. - See more at:

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    If indeed there were more prospective high-end buyers as well as upscale tire kickers in evidence at this past winter’s retail shows – perhaps more so than some manufacturers had seen in a while – then one of the busiest booths at Tampa’s RV SuperShow in January was operated by Foretravel Motorcoach of Texas, a factory-direct builder of luxury motorhomes still based in its traditional home turf of Nacogdoches, Texas. How busy was it? Foretravel Sales Manager Curtis Fancher said the lines were so constant at times that the only real break for Foretravel’s sales staff came at lunch and dinner time. Of particular interest to consumers was the company’s ih-45, a coach that Foretravel started building on its own chassis in 2012 in addition to its Nimbus and Phoenix lines. That’s a real switch for a high-end company that, along with the rest of the industry, is still technically emerging from a global downturn. “We custom build just about everything we make,” says Fancher, adding that the ih-45, a 54,000-pound GVWR coach equipped with a 600-hp Cummins engine, an Allison 4000 transmission and a 3,500- to 4,000-pound payload, is the company’s biggest seller. “Last year was a good year,” said Fancher, standing in front of a black-tan-champagne and red-exterior ih-45 listing for $1.3 million. “The typical year since ’08 has been very up and down. Last year was a steady year, and the beginning of this year has been very steady. That’s all a telltale sign of the stock market and economy starting to come back. It’s turned about nicely.”

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    Jayco Acquiring Open Range RV

    </div> <div id="content-area"> <div id="node-85060" class="node node clearfix node-type-news"> <div class="node-inner"> <div class="field-field-feature-image"> </div> <div class="feature_info"> <div class="node_submitted"> <div class="picture"><img class="imagecache imagecache-avatar" title="RV PRO Staff's picture" src="" alt="RV PRO Staff's picture" width="64" height="64"/></div> <div class="author">By: RV PRO Staff</div> <div class="post_date">Monday, February 24, 2014</div> </div> <div class="field-field-feature-description">Jayco Corp. of Middlebury, Ind., has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire Open Range RV based in Shipshewana, Ind.</div> </div> <div class="content">

    Financial terms of the deal were not revealed.

    Open Range RV will operate as a wholly owned and separate subsidiary with Randy Graber as president. 

    “The two companies are a natural match,” Graber said.  “Culturally speaking, both Jayco and Open Range enjoy strong relationships with their dealer body recognizing the importance of maintaining a partnership style association.”

    With growth in excess of 20 percent annually, the management of Open Range recognized in order to maintain and further increase that type of growth, it was necessary to partner with a larger organization. 

    “I am extremely excited to be able to take Open Range to the next level, it’s a dream come true.” Graber said.

    “Open Range will be a perfect addition to the Jayco family,” said Derald Bontrager, Jayco’s president and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with someone like Randy Graber who has such vast industry experience and innovative product knowledge.”

    Jayco, based in Middlebury, is the largest privately-held manufacturer of RVs.

    </div> </div> </div> </div>
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    FOREST CITY, Iowa — RV owners can kick their motorhome lifestyle into high gear with the new Itasca Solei, a luxury diesel pusher at an attractive price, Winnebago Industries announced today.

    The Solei shows off its muscle with a Freightliner XCS chassis featuring a 340-hp Cummins diesel engine coupled with a six-speed Allison transmission. Its softer side comes through in the polished Corian galley countertops, coffee-glazed cabinetry, LED ceiling lights, and upscale entertainment features.  And, with Smart Storage as an integral part of both floorplans, users will have plenty of room to bring even more luxury items with them.

    Highlights of the new Class A diesel pusher series include:

    • Two floorplans – the 34T and 38R
    • Attractive price
    • Loaded with standard features
    • Powered driver and passenger seats in leatherette
    • Radio/rearview color monitor system with 6″ touch screen
    • Powered mirrors with defrost/side-view cameras
    • Powered MCD visor shade for the front windshield
    • MCD blackout shades in the coach area
    • Soft vinyl ceilings
    • LED ceiling lights
    • Vinyl tile flooring throughout
    • Polished Corian galley countertops and tiled backsplash
    • Home theater sound bar with DVD/CD player
    • Full-coach water filtration system
    • 6,000-watt Cummins Onan diesel generator
    • 2,000-watt inverter/charger
    • Roof A/C with heat pump
    • Hydraulic leveling jacks
    • Dual-glazed coach windows
    • Heated holding tank compartment
    • Powered patio awning with LED lighting
    • Exterior wash station
    • Low profile allows unit to fit through 12′ door opening while having amazing storage of up to 228 cubic feet (38R)
    • Fireplace, +Lounger, powered StudioLoft (34T only), stackable washer/dryer, automatic HDTV satellite antenna system, satellite radio, and Ideal Rest Noveau air sleep system
    • Duo Solar/Blackout roller shades

     Two floorplans have been introduced. They include:

    34T floorplan

    A real value in a fully-equipped Class A diesel motorhome, the 34T offers a driver side slide with the unique inLounge extendable U-shaped sectional sofa/sleeper in leatherette, versatile inTable movable drop-leaf table, and a passenger side slide galley with island sink.  The 34T also features a large private bath, queen-size walk-around bed, and a large wardrobe.

    38R floorplan

    The 38R features two slideout rooms with an exceptional bath-and-a-half floorplan.  A rear master suite provides a private rear bathroom and a queen-size bed with large wardrobe and a 28-inch HDTV that flips down from the ceiling for easy viewing.  The 38R also includes a Flex Bed system that provides bunk beds, wardrobe, or converts into a dinette, whichever you choose.  Also standard in the 38R is a half bath, Comfort Sofa Sleeper, BenchMark dinette with Dream Dinette table, full-featured galley with pantry and residential refrigerator, and large 50-inch HDTV above the optional fireplace.

    SOURCE: Winnebago Industries press release

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    <table width="500" align="center"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="center">Jayco Moves Forward with Jay Smart Travel Trailer</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

    by Jayco, Inc.

    <table width="500" cellpadding="4" align="center"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="" alt="" width="500" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="4"/></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center"> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

    MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- Jayco, Inc. approved the launch of its new Jay Smart, a line of Euro-styled, ultra-lightweight RVs. The new line of towables is slated to be built on Jayco's campus in Middlebury, IN.

    Jayco displayed a prototype of the Jay Smart during the 2013 Louisville RV Show. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive by those who explored the revolutionary product. Dealers from all over the globe were excited at the prospect of Jayco producing such a modernized, easy-to-tow and lightweight travel trailer.

    Jim Jacobs, Jayco's chief operating officer commented, "With the knowledge and experience we've gained from building this new family of lightweight products, we're confident our dealers will gain an even stronger competitive advantage in the marketplace." He went on to say, "It wouldn't surprise me if along the way we find ways of incorporating some of the design and engineering elements discovered in building the Jay Smart into our other product offerings."

    Formal introduction of the Jay Smart will occur at Jayco's annual Homecoming event taking place in San Antonio, Texas the week of June 23rd.

    Initial offerings of the Jay Smart will include four floorplans in 19, 22 and two 26-foot lengths. Each unit will be built with the same streamlined, contemporary look highlighted during the RV industry's largest trade show of the year.

    Brian Donat, an industry veteran, will remain active as a product design consultant for the Jay Smart. Donat's knowledge of the European marketplace is a valuable asset and contributed greatly to the positive response from the dealer network.

    - See more at: